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7 Signs That Your Mom Is Also Your Best Friend

1. When someone says you’re too close to your Mom you get super defensive!



7 Mullets Guaranteed to Make You LOL


Mullets, mullets, and more mullets!

Whenever I’m feeling down I just look at a picture of a mullet and everything seems to get better.

It’s like they have some sort of magical power that prevents you from being serious and forces you to laugh. Maybe not the first one, but after the 2nd or 3rd one, you just have to laugh. If not, you’re an alien!

Which one is your favorite?










7 Perfect Ways to Scare Your Kids This Halloween!


There’s nothing like a good old fashioned scare followed by laughs!

If you’re looking for some fun ways to scare your little ones this Halloween without having to do anything too crazy or expensive, you’ll love this list!

Feel free to share any other fun ways you know of to give the kiddos a quick scare!

1. Monster Shadow

Hang a huge monster shadow cut out at the end of the hall!


11 Parent Hacks that Will Make Your Life Easier!


There are two things that no one could ever prepare you for or explain to you in enough detail before becoming a parent:

1. Just how much love you will have for your kids. It’s completely unconditional and comes from a place so deep down in your heart that you didn’t even know a place like that existed before having kids.

Then there’s #2…. just how hard it is to be a good parent and how much work kids will be! haha.

So now that you’re a parent, it’s a known fact that your life is over and you will be constantly running around like a crazy person! Well, we hope to help a little with that problem! Below, we’ve compiled a list of some pretty darn cool parent hacks that should help you in some unconventional and genius ways!

1. Padlock on Plugs

This will keep your little ones from plugging in appliances and other electrical devices! If you have a teenager, this will keep them from using these devices until they clean up the room, which in our example picture definitely needs it! Yuck!


17 Fun Crafts to Try With Your Child This Week!


If your family is like our family, we’re ALWAYS looking for fun, creative, inexpensive things to do with our children during the week or on weekends.

If you search around, you’ll find zillions of things you can do, but many of these activities seem far fetched and very difficult unless you’re a “craft master” of some sort. Below, we’ve compiled a list of a 17 crafts/projects that seem realistic and easy to do.

Most of these crafts and projects can be done for very little or even at zero cost! They mainly use leftover home materials like empty bottles, toilet paper rolls, and other things that you would normally throw away or recycle.

Enjoy and let us know how it goes if you take any of these projects on! Hopefully one or more of them will bring you and your children some joy this week!!

1. Homemade Chestnut Snakes


24 Amazing & Somewhat Realistic Pumpkin Designs for Kids!


Anyone pumpkin carving this weekend!?

Ok, we know that pumpkin carving is meant to be fun and it’s definitely not easy to create some of the works of art you see online! With that in mind, we searched around and found 24 of the coolest pumpkin designs for kids that we feel are somewhat realistic! Maybe easier said than done haha. Which one would your child go bananas over!? Maybe give one a try and let us know how it goes!

1. Beauty and the Beast

24 Kids That Absolutely Nailed It on Halloween

1. The “Boss”

16 Common Words That You May Be Mispronouncing!


Hands covering mouth

We all do it! Whether it’s a foreign or regional accent or whether it’s just some word that we’ve always said a certain way since we were little kids. Here are 21 words that are very commonly mis-pronounced!

1. We say Crowns instead of Crayons
2. We say Aks instead of Ask
3. We say Athelete instead of Athlete
4. We say Bob Wire instead of Barbed Wire
5. We say Antartic instead of Antarctic
6. We say Ol instead of Oil
7. We say Cawfee instead of Coffee
8. We say Canadit instead of Candidate
9. We say Jif instead of Gif – Hard G
10. We say Nitch instead of Niche – sh sound at the end
11. We say Calvary instead of Cavalry
12. We say Cashay instead of Cache – Pronounced just like Cash
13. We say Mute instead of Moot
14. We say Close instead of Clothes
15. We say Dialate instead of Dilate
16. We say Drownd instead of Drown

Are you guilty of any of these? Which ones? What other words do people say weird where you’re from? Comment below…


19 People Who Have Cracked the Code to Parenting!


1. The parent who’s day job is prison warden!

The mom who came up with the "get along shirt."

This Girl is a Lyrical Genius!


Why is the word poop so funny!?

irwin & Lisa mandelbaum / Via youtube.com