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Detailed Comparison: Nuna Leaf Curv vs 4moms MamaRoo


Hi, I’m Chelsea from Magic Beans, and I want to talk to you about bouncers. There are two different types of bouncers in the world. There are the overstimulating bouncers, and then there are the natural movement bouncers. We find bouncers to be very essential. We carry the natural moving bouncers.
We have two here to show you. We have the Mamaroo, which you can see is going right now. It’s going in the kangaroo style. Very natural movement for a baby. And then, we have the Nuna Leaf, which is a natural sway. It’s called the Leaf for a reason. It sways naturally, like a leaf sways from the tree.
I’m going to start with the Nuna Leaf. This one, you’re just going to tap gently, and it’s going to sway side to side for about five minutes. As they get older, it becomes a self-soother. As they kick, it will move. This has Okeo-tex certified fabrics. It’s by Nuna, global organic textile. The toy bar is an accessory you can add to it for your baby. It has nice contrast, little sounds, rattles, a little mirror. You can’t go wrong with a mirror. It holds up to 130 pounds, so you are not growing out of this anytime soon. It’s really great if you have multiple children. A bunch of kids can pile into this. It’s a great reading chair. We love this chair.
When I have customers come in and ask about bouncers, they typically ask me a couple questions. One, can it move around easily? Two, does it require batteries? And three, does it make a lot of noise? The Nuna is very easy to move. You do not plug it in, and it requires no batteries. It’s all natural movement or the movement of your child.
Next, I’m going to talk about the Mamaroo. The Mamaroo has five different motions at five different speeds. You can plug in your phone and play music. It plays its own music, as well. It also has an app so you can control the Mamaroo with your phone, so you don’t even have to be within 10 feet of it. It also changes the angle, so you can put a newborn in it, and it goes up to about 30 pounds. So you’ll have a good, solid year with it.
As you can see, it is in the kangaroo motion. It’s a very nice, gentle movement. It can go faster or slower depending on how your baby likes it. Do you have a baby that loves to sleep in the car seat, especially in the car? This actually has the car motion, so you don’t even have to drive around your neighborhood to get your baby to sleep. You just pop them in the Mamaroo.
Be sure to check out our blog about the Nuna Leaf versus the Mamaroo at mbeans.com, and if you have any specific questions, please email me at questions@mbeans.com. I would love to help you.

Disney’s Moana Full Movie Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Giveaway!


Moana DVD/BluRay Combo Giveaway


LEGO Keychain or Watch Giveaway!!


LEGO Batman Keychain


LEGO Set 75872 – Speed Champions Audi R8 Giveaway!!


LEGO Audi R8


LEGO Keychain or Watch Giveaway!!


LEGO Keychain or Watch


LEGO Set 75870 – Speed Champions Corvette Z06 Giveaway!!


Corvette Z06 LEGO

LEGO Holiday Train 2018 – Set 10245 Giveaway!!


LEGO 10254 – Winter Holiday Train

Designer Review Video:


[learn_more caption=”Transcript for Hearing Impaired”]

Hi, my name is Morton and I’m a designer for LEGO Creator. I’m very excited because today I’m going to show you what I’ve been working on lately, this year’s Winter Village set. Choo choo. The Holiday Train. This cozy little train makes it possible to deliver all the presents in time for the holiday and transport all the people from the big city to the Winter Village. This train is also packed with lovely details and is dressed to get you into the Christmas spirit. Let’s have a closer look.

First, we have the locomotive. It has a nice, big smokestack with the steam coming out. You can remove the roof to easily access the cockpit. Behind it, you have the small charcoal wagon with some lovely details. All the way in the back, we have the passenger wagon. This, you can also take the roof off. Inside, the kids can enjoy a hot cup of cocoa, but my favorite part of the whole set is this wagon. It has a tiny, little train that goes around the Christmas tree as the train goes forward. On this flatbed, there’s also room to store all your presents. In this set, you also get this little platform with a bench where the grandmother can wait for her grandkids to arrive.

Speaking of which, let’s have a look at the characters in this set. You get the engineer that drives and maintains the train, the conductor that checks the tickets and makes sure everyone has a pleasant trip, the grandmother waiting for her kids to arrive for Christmas, and the two excited children. You also get a lot of toys and presents in this set. You get a little remote controlled robot, a sailboat, a little spaceship inspired by one of my favorite space themes from when I was a kid, a firetruck, a tiny windup car, and then of course the little train set.

Of course, with this train, you also get a full circle of tracks and you can also power it up by adding the power functions so you can have it going around and around your Christmas tree. This feature was also the biggest challenge. To fit all the power functions in this small, cute train and then make it easily rebuilt was not that easy, but the end result is really, really cool when you see the small steam locomotive pulling all of the wagons. Choo choo. I hope you all have lots of family fun this holiday and enjoy building this set.


Building Instructions – Assembly Manual

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Star Wars Death Star LEGO Set 75159 Giveaway!!


LEGO 75159 Star Wars Death Star Giveaway

Professional Review:


[learn_more caption=”Transcript for Hearing Impaired”]

Hey guys, [Rickwin 00:00:01] here with the official images of the new UCS Lego Death Star. It’s set number 75159. It’s going to have over four thousand pieces and cost five hundred dollars. Now I did do a video about this a couple of days ago, but the official images weren’t released then. We do have those now. If you guys want to see these a little bit more up close and have more time to look at them, I will post these on my Facebook page for you also. I wanted to kind of let you guys just look at the details. Maybe you can see some of these slight differences between this one and the old one. The old one was set number 10188. The set itself is very, very similar. Now, we do have updated Minifigures, which I have to say the Minifigures look awesome. Of course, the set does have a few updates here and there. This new one has about two hundred more pieces. It also costs about a hundred dollars more than the old one.

I for one am probably not going to get this set, because I don’t think it’s worth it if you have the old one. Now, if you don’t have the old one, now this is probably a good set to get. It is the Death Star. It is an awesome, awesome set. If you have the old one, I don’t know if I would buy this one. Actually, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t. I don’t want to fork out five hundred dollars for something I feel like I already have. Anyway, they do have individual pictures here of each and every Minifigure. You can see some of the updated versions. We have the updated Chewbacca here. Now one that I’m really excited about is this updated Han Solo here. I love the new hairpiece he has. Hopefully we will see that in some other sets so that we can get that without having to pay five hundred dollars for the Death Star. The Minifigures, I think are great. I just don’t think it makes it worth buying the set for.

I really want to hear your thoughts about this. Just let me know what you guys think about the whole set and the updated Minifigures. There’s Han Solo again with that awesome hairpiece. Hopefully we’ll see that on some other Minifigures too, because I think that’s just a really awesome hairpiece that could be used for a lot of things. We have updated droids here. Here’s a really awesome droid. I think it looks really cool. Hopefully maybe they’ll put that in another set. I’d like to have that, just don’t want to buy the set. Anyway, just let me know your thoughts about these. All of these figures, the Death Star, the old one had like I don’t remember exactly how many figures. I want to say twenty-six. I can’t remember for sure. Maybe tell me in the comments if you guys know.

There are tons of Minifigures in this one as well, which does make it cool. Like I said, it’s a really awesome set. It’s a lot less awesome if you already have the old Death Star, which I do. I for one am not going to be getting this, but let me know if you guys are in the comments. I think this is the last Minifigure here. Like I said, I will post these pictures on my Facebook page too, so you guys can take a closer look at all of these. It is a pretty good set. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I will see you guys next time. Click the picture to see another video, or click the question mark to see a mystery video.


Building Instructions – Assembly Manual


5 Incredible Facts About Melody Ellison, The New American Girl Doll!


American Girl has just released their newest doll, Melody Ellison! We’ve compiled a list of 5 facts below that shouldd help you get to know Melody and why her important story was chosen as the 30th Anniversary doll this year!!


1. Melody is from the Civil Rights Era!

Melody is a 9 year old girl growing up on Detroit, Michigan. Her story is set in 1964, during the heat of the Civil Rights Movement and height of Motown. During this period of time, there are SO many historical events happening in the United States, especially in the South where part of Melody’s inspiration derive. It is a time of change. A time of great sadness, but also great victory and inspiration.

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