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Baby Jogger City Select vs UppaBaby Vista


Features Baby Jogger City Select UppaBaby Vista
Weight 28lbs. 25.5lbs.
Carrying Capacity 45lbs. 50lbs.
Frame Type Aluminum Aluminum
Canopy Size Extended Extended
Canopy Windows Yes Yes
Footrest Size Large Large
Seatback Size/Height 18″” h x 11.5″”w x 9″”d 19.5″” h x 12″”w x 10″”d
Storage Basket Size Large X-Large
Additional Storage Seatback N/A
Tire Tread Type Treaded Treaded
Back Wheel Size 12″” 11″”
Front Wheel Size 8″” 8″”
Front Wheel Type Swivel & Lockable Swivel & Lockable
Alignment Adjustment No No
Fold Difficulty Easy Easy
One-Hand Fold Yes Yes
Wheel Release Difficulty Easy Medium
Wheel Type Forever Air Foam Core Rubber
Recline Flat Almost Flat
Available Accessories Yes Yes
Adjustable Handlebar Yes Yes
Handlebar Height 41.5″” 40″”
Suspension Type Front Wheel All-Wheel
Hand Brake Yes No
Hand Brake Type Cable Activated N/A
Foot Brake Comfort N/A Easy
Harness Type 5-Point 5-Point
Wrist Safety Strap No No
Standard Accessories No Yes
Seat Padding Medium Medium
Retail Price $499.99 $729.99
Sale Price $499.00 $699.00

Ratings & Reviews: The Best Stroller & Car Seat Footmuffs of 2018!


Hey, this is Eli from Magic Beans and on this video we’re talk to you about footmuffs. Footmuffs are stroller blankets that can go into an infant car seat but not while you’re driving, we’ll talk about that in a second, or in your stroller. They come in infant size and toddler size and different types of warmth and we’re going to tell you all about it. If have any questions about footmuffs or any other piece of baby gear, you should email us your questions to questions@mbeans.com or give us a call at 617 383-8259. Or you can leave a comment below. I’m excited about showing you our footmuffs selection from Magic Beans. Remember you can buy footmuffs from us with free shipping over $75 or flat rate shipping for under $75, for just eight bucks. Here are the comparisons.
I have a whole bunch of footmuffs in front of me and I’m going to tell you all about them. Let’s start with the original as far as I’m concerned. That is a J.J. Cole Bundleme. They come in three different kind of varieties, you have an infant, you have a toddler and then you have a polar and I’ll tell you about that in a second. Your infant Bundleme is your basic Bundleme. It has this faux sheepskin feel, it’s not real sheepskin, it’s just faux and a velvety type feel on the end and I’ll actually open this up for you so you can take a look at it.
Bundlemes, these are for infants and this is something that is very, very popular for your little infants. It can go in an infant car seat and it can go into a stroller and I say it’s small for infants so the little feet go to the bottom and you can see on most of these Bundlemes or footmuffs, they’re universal. They have these little slits in the back and you can put your straps of your stroller or car seats through it. But, do not drive with this behind you. You do not want things behind the baby when you’re driving with it. You only want things on top of it. You don’t want anything between the back of your baby and the straps or anything like that. Though there are, it does pass vehicle safety standards, you never, ever, ever want to put a third party item with your car seat.
If you’re walking around town with your baby in the infant car seat I have a Cloud Q right here, maybe you have a Cloud Q, perfectly fine, but you don’t want to drive with something like this. There are some things that you drive with. I’ll show them to you in a second. But it’s for infants, there’s a little strap onto the back so if you wanted to put it into you’re stroller, again, you could put it into a stroller, this is an Uppababy Cruise and you could put the straps through it and there is this little strap that goes behind it so you could remove the actual, that’s falling on the ground. You can put that behind it and then you can put the straps through and now your baby could be in the stroller or in the car seat. This is your original.
Then you also have an Urban Bundleme. You have Urban Bundleme and the Urban Bundleme is a little bit more weather resistant but not a tremendous amount. It comes in the infant size but then you also see that it comes in the toddler size. Folks, you may like the infant Bundleme and then it goes to the toddler Bundleme and the toddler Bundleme says it goes from one to three years old. I find this not to be true. This is not the largest Bundleme footmuff that we have and there’s actually something really important when you’re buying a Bundleme, either a toddler or an infant is that their zipper’s on the bottom. You see how the zipper’s come around from the top so there’s nothing on the bottom so you couldn’t zip out the bottom and have the little feet peek out. That’s another important thing to look at, to think about when you’re buying a Bundleme. The toddler one though, it’s okay, it’s not the most fantastic thing in the world.
You could get a Polar Bundleme. This is again, also made by J.J. Cole. Isn’t this fun though? If you went to a Magic Beans stores, we have stores in New England. We have five in Boston and one in Connecticut, we have these all to try. You could try it in your stroller. Look how nice and large it is, nice and warm, a little covering for the head. But again, no zippers on the bottom but it’s going to be warmer and will last a little bit longer. You could use this a little bit longer than the toddler Bundleme.
But, we also have a product by a brand called 7 A.M. Enfant. It’s a French design but they’re in New York. It’s an urban thing and we love, love, love, love, love these for the winter and particularly on a stroller. I’ll unzip this for you. See how nice that is? You put on the 7 A.M. Enfant and the nice thing is you can, there are levels of this, you can zip up, you can start it for a smaller child and you can add these levels of as the baby gets bigger. This can take a really, really big, really, really large child.
The nice thing about the 7 A.M. Enfant though it is more expensive, they’re around $200, but the nice thing is you can use it not only the one winter, two winter, but three winters. If you’re pushing around your three year old, through the city, in the snow, you could get it. This is really an investment but it’s so worth and it’s so, so, so, so warm. And like I was saying before, see, you can open the bottom. Their little boots can come out from the bottom of the footmuff and it can really, really grow with the child and expand with the child. There’s a little pocket in here to put your little minkie in there et cetera. That is a really, really nice larger footmuff. Okay, so you can see comparing the J.J. Cole one and the 7 A.M. Enfant, you have an extra five, six inches. It’ll last probably an entire extra winter.
These are non-proprietary brand footmuffs. Uppababy makes a footmuff and Bugaboo makes a footmuff, I love the Bugaboo High Performance Footmuff. That the warmer one that they have. And it has a little shape you can see it has a little shape and it fits right in the crux of that and then you can fold it over at the top and you can put your baby right in there. Isn’t that nice? Even if you don’t have a Bugaboo stroller, this is, what a nice, nice warm and it has zippers right here on the bottom. Again, the little child’s feet can pop out. Little nylon so even if it’s dirty, it’s going to work. Great. That great? Little opening on the back, look see? That’s a little hole there so this is true even on a Cruise, can adjust it but they made that because if you have a Bugaboo Donkey or a Buffalo, it has that type of lever to recline it. Got it? Okay, cool.
Now, back to the infant car seat. Again, we do not want our Bundlemes in here but this is a 7 A.M. Enfant Cocoon. It goes over it, see it goes over the top and the little baby’s head can pop out. J.J. Cole also makes a cocoon covering for the littlest warm. But it’s lovely and you can drive around with it without having to worry because there’s nothing going behind the shoulders of the children. It’s very important that I tell this point, now let’s talk about jackets. Like the warm winter jackets and children in car seats, you never, never, never, never want to have your child in a big bulky jacket or in a jacket when they’re in the car. Take their jacket off, have them go in their normal sweater and put them in the car seat. It’s really not safe for having that puffy jacket, the kid can just slide right out of the car seat, no goodski. Got it? Cool. But it has nothing to do with footmuffs, that’s just a word from our sponsor in terms of the winter.
Also, besides this cocoon thing, the 7 A.M. Enfant makes this wonderful product called a Nido. The Nido puts your child in this cool blue metallic, isn’t that fun? It’s very North Face. It’s very North Faceish. You’re putting this again, there’s nothing blocking the back of the child, and then what you can do is you can just burrito the child closed. One, two, three and they’re closed and you can have your child in your Nido safe in the car, in a stroller, as well, you see it has a little hole in it. Little hood, really cute. You can see how the child is nicely wrapped right in the Nido which is available at mbeans.com so you can go to mbeans.com and learn more about your Nido. Again, safe to use in an infant car seat because there’s nothing going from behind the back.
Your best bet when you’re actually driving the car, just your air conditioning’s on, your heat’s on in the car, just have a nice empty infant car seat, that’s the best way to ride.
There’s my summary of footmuffs available from awesome Magic Beans. Free shipping over $75. Again you have your basic J.J. Cole Bundlemes, they come in the infant, in the original and in the Urban. And then you have your toddler size which aren’t actually that big, ’cause there’s no zippers on the bottom, and then you have your warmer Polar Bundlemes. If you want something larger, I’d highly recommend the 7 A.M. Enfant B212, which is great for the stroller, also grows, it can zipper from the bottom or those other two great products, the cocoon or the Nido which goes in the infant car seat and look at the proprietary Bundlemes and footmuffs from Bugaboo and Uppababy. They’re great.
If you go to mbeans.com, in our research center we have a footmuff buying guide where we break it all down for you. And if you have any questions about it, you can email me your questions to questions@mbeans.com or leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you, we love to keep your baby warm in the winter. Thank you so much for watching.

Comparison: Baby Jogger City Tour vs BabyZen YoYo+


Hi. I’m Mike at Magic Beans. And today, we’re gonna be talking about the Babyzen YoYo Plus versus the Baby Jogger City Tour. And our mission at Magic Beans is to make parents lives easier by helping you find the products you need for your baby and kids. So, feel free to email us at questionsatmbeans.com if anything comes up during this video. Enjoy the video.
So, today I’m gonna be talking about the Baby Jogger City Tour. Start with it in its most impressive state, very very small. This is actually an airplane certified fold for the first time for Baby Jogger. And it is an incredibly intuitive, super easy stroller to open up. It’s super lightweight, weighing only 14 pounds, got pretty good canopy, beautiful window, and front wheel suspension, which actually gives us a really nice boost over the competition for very small strollers. It’s six plus, in terms of newborn capability, it’s six months plus and has a super intuitive fold. It was surprising for us. You basically hit this little button on the handlebar, there’s a gray button right here. Throw handle bar forward. Grab the pull fold, very similar to their Baby Jogger City Mini, and very simple.
So, it’s super super simple. It comes with a carry case, and has one of the nicest storage baskets for anything that I’ve seen in terms of newborn … oh sorry, in terms of umbrella strollers. It’s a double padded basket with a zipper pocket, giving it some of the most intuitive and useful storage for our parents on the go. And considering the fact that you don’t have to worry about this guys getting damaged on a plane flight because you can actually bring it with you on the plane, store in the overhead compartment, makes it one of the best bets for traveling. And Baby Jogger’s come with a one year warranty, so you’re always certified in that respect. And it’s super impressive for a new stroller from Baby Jogger.
This is the Baby Jogger Tour and it’s travel bag was included. And it is luckily one of the best better models you can actually just throw this guy on your back like a traditional backpack. And considering it’s only 14 pounds, it’s super easy, no harsh weights on my back and I can just walk around the airport or anything with this guy. You can take a look, pretty compact. And that’s the Baby Jogger City Tour.
This is the Babyzen YoYo Plus. Today I’m gonna be talking about it as a comparison to the Baby Jogger City Tour, which is a super great stroller as well. I mean, realistically though, the Babyzen Yoyo is definitely more of an everyday stroller compared to the Baby Jogger City Tour. I got full suspension, much more dense rubber wheels so it’s something that can actually handle rougher terrains. It’s capable of doing a zero plus as well, so you get a small bassinet option for the stroller. And this is the six plus version though to keep it as comparable as possible. Canopies are super similar, but it’s got the little zipper pocket on the back, so you have some extra storage options.
Keep the window always open, so you don’t have to worry about unzipping, or unvelcroing the flap. It’s super padded seat similar to the Baby Jogger City Tour. And the basket is super padded as well. They made it user permanent with the 2016 models, so it’s much wider and can hold pretty much anything you want to hold while your shopping and wherever you’re traveling to. It is also FAA certified so you can put it in your overhead compartment. It’s one of those strollers that folds super small, and super intuitively. So, you drop the handle bar. Grab a little red clip that’s right down here. And then, push to fold.
It’s got a padded little shoulder strap this year, so it makes it a little easier to carry, especially for longer distances if you’re gonna be walking with it. And it’s super intuitive to open as well. This phenomenal stroller is one of the most versatile and relished strollers you’re gonna find, especially because they really wanted to make this stroller something you can use all the time, and not just when you’re flying or traveling. So, they’ve also included, or have the option of, car seat adapters for two car seats on the market, two very popular car seats that we sell. The Nuna Pipa and the Cybex Aton Q. So, you just pop these guys on the side. And without the fabric set on, or especially with the newborn fabric set, you can pop a car seat right on top of it. So, especially when you’re traveling with newborns, makes it a little bit easier.
So, this is the BabyZen YoYo Plus in its travel bag, which it also comes with. A little simpler, but it’s got the shoulder strap to make it a little more comfortable for ya. And keep it all contained, make it entirely clean when … pristine when it comes out of here clean. It’s super safe as it goes in your overhead compartment. So, I’ve been Mike at Magic Beans. And you guys just looked at the Baby Jogger City Tour and the Babyzen YoYo Plus. If you guys have got any questions about this, feel free to email questions@mbeans.com. Check out our buying guides. We give you great resources for checking out what kind of stroller options and car seat options you have. Come into the store for a free consultation. You can book a consultation on our website or check out mbeans.com. Anything over $75 is free shipping. And visit our six stores. We’ve got five in Boston area, as well as one in Fairfield Connecticut. And this has been Magic Beans.

For more videos like these, please subscribe to the Magic Beans YouTube channel. And you may be asking yourself … Am I really gonna ask questions to someone in a YouTube video? Yes you should. You can email us your questions to questions@mbeans.com. Or you can even book a free consultation with one of our experts. And if you’re ready to shop, shop right now at mbeans.com and we’ll ship you your order for free with orders over $75.

Detailed Comparison: Nuna Leaf Curv vs 4moms MamaRoo


Hi, I’m Chelsea from Magic Beans, and I want to talk to you about bouncers. There are two different types of bouncers in the world. There are the overstimulating bouncers, and then there are the natural movement bouncers. We find bouncers to be very essential. We carry the natural moving bouncers.
We have two here to show you. We have the Mamaroo, which you can see is going right now. It’s going in the kangaroo style. Very natural movement for a baby. And then, we have the Nuna Leaf, which is a natural sway. It’s called the Leaf for a reason. It sways naturally, like a leaf sways from the tree.
I’m going to start with the Nuna Leaf. This one, you’re just going to tap gently, and it’s going to sway side to side for about five minutes. As they get older, it becomes a self-soother. As they kick, it will move. This has Okeo-tex certified fabrics. It’s by Nuna, global organic textile. The toy bar is an accessory you can add to it for your baby. It has nice contrast, little sounds, rattles, a little mirror. You can’t go wrong with a mirror. It holds up to 130 pounds, so you are not growing out of this anytime soon. It’s really great if you have multiple children. A bunch of kids can pile into this. It’s a great reading chair. We love this chair.
When I have customers come in and ask about bouncers, they typically ask me a couple questions. One, can it move around easily? Two, does it require batteries? And three, does it make a lot of noise? The Nuna is very easy to move. You do not plug it in, and it requires no batteries. It’s all natural movement or the movement of your child.
Next, I’m going to talk about the Mamaroo. The Mamaroo has five different motions at five different speeds. You can plug in your phone and play music. It plays its own music, as well. It also has an app so you can control the Mamaroo with your phone, so you don’t even have to be within 10 feet of it. It also changes the angle, so you can put a newborn in it, and it goes up to about 30 pounds. So you’ll have a good, solid year with it.
As you can see, it is in the kangaroo motion. It’s a very nice, gentle movement. It can go faster or slower depending on how your baby likes it. Do you have a baby that loves to sleep in the car seat, especially in the car? This actually has the car motion, so you don’t even have to drive around your neighborhood to get your baby to sleep. You just pop them in the Mamaroo.
Be sure to check out our blog about the Nuna Leaf versus the Mamaroo at mbeans.com, and if you have any specific questions, please email me at questions@mbeans.com. I would love to help you.

Disney’s Moana Full Movie Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Giveaway!


Moana DVD/BluRay Combo Giveaway


LEGO Keychain or Watch Giveaway!!


LEGO Batman Keychain


LEGO Set 75872 – Speed Champions Audi R8 Giveaway!!


LEGO Audi R8


LEGO Keychain or Watch Giveaway!!


LEGO Keychain or Watch


LEGO Set 75870 – Speed Champions Corvette Z06 Giveaway!!


Corvette Z06 LEGO

LEGO Holiday Train 2018 – Set 10245 Giveaway!!


LEGO 10254 – Winter Holiday Train

Designer Review Video:


[learn_more caption=”Transcript for Hearing Impaired”]

Hi, my name is Morton and I’m a designer for LEGO Creator. I’m very excited because today I’m going to show you what I’ve been working on lately, this year’s Winter Village set. Choo choo. The Holiday Train. This cozy little train makes it possible to deliver all the presents in time for the holiday and transport all the people from the big city to the Winter Village. This train is also packed with lovely details and is dressed to get you into the Christmas spirit. Let’s have a closer look.

First, we have the locomotive. It has a nice, big smokestack with the steam coming out. You can remove the roof to easily access the cockpit. Behind it, you have the small charcoal wagon with some lovely details. All the way in the back, we have the passenger wagon. This, you can also take the roof off. Inside, the kids can enjoy a hot cup of cocoa, but my favorite part of the whole set is this wagon. It has a tiny, little train that goes around the Christmas tree as the train goes forward. On this flatbed, there’s also room to store all your presents. In this set, you also get this little platform with a bench where the grandmother can wait for her grandkids to arrive.

Speaking of which, let’s have a look at the characters in this set. You get the engineer that drives and maintains the train, the conductor that checks the tickets and makes sure everyone has a pleasant trip, the grandmother waiting for her kids to arrive for Christmas, and the two excited children. You also get a lot of toys and presents in this set. You get a little remote controlled robot, a sailboat, a little spaceship inspired by one of my favorite space themes from when I was a kid, a firetruck, a tiny windup car, and then of course the little train set.

Of course, with this train, you also get a full circle of tracks and you can also power it up by adding the power functions so you can have it going around and around your Christmas tree. This feature was also the biggest challenge. To fit all the power functions in this small, cute train and then make it easily rebuilt was not that easy, but the end result is really, really cool when you see the small steam locomotive pulling all of the wagons. Choo choo. I hope you all have lots of family fun this holiday and enjoy building this set.


Building Instructions – Assembly Manual

Coming Soon