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ZOE XL3 BEST v2 Triple Stroller


The XL3 is a new triple stroller by ZOE! It is so so cool! As the first of its kind, the XL3 is an optional double or triple stroller. So the front (triple) seat hooks onto the front of the XL2 BEST v2 double stroller by ZOE and has its own set of wheels which provides for tons of stability and perfect turning! We will have so much more info on this stroller as ZOE releases more video, pics, pricing, and specs. The initial sneak peak on Instagram has us believe in that this is going to seal the deal on the XL2 double stroller being the absolute best choice out there and the new XL3 triple stroller as the best triple stroller ever made. No joke! We’re stalking about an optional double/triple stroller that weighs somewhere around 25lbs, can fit through standard doorways, and more. Amazing!! Stay tuned!

Does the Lascal Buggy Board fit the ZOE XL1, XL2 & XLC strollers?


Yes! As of today, April 25, 2018 Lascal has officially tested both the 2018 Maxi and Mini buggy boards and have confirmed that they are compatible with the ZOE XL1, XL2 & XLC strollers. The XLC stroller is compatible with the Mini buggy board by Lascal and the XL1 and XL2 strollers are compatible with the Lascal Mini and Maxi Buggy boards.

This is huge news for all existing ZOE customers as well as potential customers! Many moms, dads and caregivers out there want the option to be able to give an older toddler a ride when they get tired, but they are not wanting to be in the stroller itself. The Lascal buggy boards are now a great solution!

5 Lightweight Strollers That Fit into The Overhead Compartment as a Carry-On Bag on Airplanes!




The other two strollers are completely overpriced, don’t have half the accessories or features of the ZOE stroller, and technically they cannot fit into the overhead bins on ANY airlines (it’s like they are lying or maybe the rules changed on them??) whereas the ZOE XL1 technically qualifies for the carry-on luggage dimensions/size for 6 major airlines (6 more than the Mountain Buggy Nano and GB Qbit Combined). See my chart below. The facts say it all!

Plus you can pick out super cool color combos with the ZOE XL1. You get to basically design your own stroller. Can you tell that I’m biased? haha


SUMMARY OF SUMMARY: The ZOE XL1 is the only stroller I could find that ACTUALLY can be technically allowed to be a carry-on bag on an airplane!


Full Story Below:

Here’s the story of my search for the best lightweight travel stroller that can be used as a carry-on bag on an airplane!

Ok so I have an upcoming trip to Disney with the kids and I started to think about how awesome it would be if we had a stroller that could be a carry-on and just fit into the overhead compartment of the airplane when we fly to Orlando in January. It seems so nice and would save us a few minutes when getting off the airplane and it would just be nice to not have to put my nice new lightweight “travel” stroller into the dirty underbelly of the plane. We all know that germs and nastiness are everywhere on planes, but I guess it just gives me more peace of mind if I could have my stroller with me. I mean who wants to have a sick kid at Disney!

Anyways, the search was on. First of all something I didn’t know and you should know is that not all airpline carry-on bag size standards/requirements are created equal. For the most part, they are all actually different! There’s a chart below for quick reference. Updated April 25th, 2018. You’re welcome!

Back to my search. I immediately found the Mountain Buggy Nano. They show Instagram pictures of moms and dads using their stroller as carry-ons which was great! So I started looking at the dimensions and length and width looked ok, but then noticed the depth and it triggered an alarm. I thought “I think I remember the size requirements of the carry-on bag depth being smaller than that.” but I kept reading because I figured I remembered wrong. Come to find out after doing more factual research, the Nano does NOT qualify to be a carry-on bag on any major airline as of November 11th, 2015 (the day I conducted this research).

Ok wtf!? So I guess all these parents are sneaky and got past the airline employee checking them in? When I thought about it, the airline wouldn’t check the size of your folded stroller at check-in before you waled into the actually gate unless you told them you were going to put the stroller in the overhead compartment and we all know that you can fit a bigger bag in the overhead compartment than you can in those weird little carry-on metal size-checker bins by the gate door.

So if you’re into trying to break the rules, I’m sure you could wheel any of these three strollers into the gate as if you’re going to check them plane-side and then quickly fold them up, put them in the travel bag (which comes free with the ZOE XL1 & GB Qbit, but costs $25 for the Mountain Buggy Nano btw) and then try to walk on the plane with the stroller and put it in the overhead. Some people like to break rules and some other don’t. For liability purposes among others, I wouldn’t suggest doing this. So the consensus on the Nano was that it’s basically falsely advertised and they are basically promoting the fact that people are breaking the rules. Kind of weird and disturbing if you ask me!

So then I went and looked at the QB Qbit stroller to see if it could fit in the overhead compartment. The GB (Good Baby) which really doesn’t say much of anything about the stroller. I ended up on several websites and then finally the Babies R Us website where it says (maybe “said” after this article circulates) that GB Qbit can be used as a carry-on bag on “most” airlines. Great I thought! Just to double check, I looked at the dimensions and saw the exact same issue as the Mountain Buggy Nano, the depth of 19.3 inches seems way too big. It’s basically a big square. So come to find out AGAIN, you have a company that is falsely stating that it can be used as a carry-on bag on “most” airlines. The GB Qbit technically qualifies to be a carry-on bag on ZERO airlines that I researched, which is basically all but Zimbabwe Air or all the super random small ones. Again, be sneaky if you want. No prob. But I don’t recommend it.

Lastly, I researched the ZOE XL1 stroller. I first saw the stroller on Amazon and there was a ton of Questions & Answers on Amazon where they mostly answer the questions directly. I saw one Q&A where someone asked if the XL1 can fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane and be used as a carry-on bag. The answer was Yes! Cool. So I headed on over to the ZOE website which was really cool and super informative.

On their website I learned a bunch about this awesome stroller that really made me fall in love with it, but most importantly to my search criteria I found the dimensions of the stroller. When I looked at the depth, it was only 7″! Wow, this think folds super compact! That’s like half the depth of the other two strollers! So then I took the dimensions and put it into my chart below. I was extremely surprised and thrilled that the ZOE XL1 DOES technically qualify to be a carry-on bag on 6 different major airlines whereas the other two strollers did not qualify for one! One of the airlines happened to be my airline of choice!! Woo hoo!

After researching more about ZOE strollers and about the company in general (they are brand new) I am sure this is the stroller that I’ll be taking to Disney early next year! It’s not the absolute perfect stroller (that simply doesn’t exist) but it has so many really great features and I’m sure will make a really great travel stroller on many levels. Plus I was able to choose a color combo that I really love!

So with all of that being said, make sure to check out my chart below! The facts really speak for themselves. I hope this helps any of your Moms and Dads out there that had my same question. Hopefully it helps you save some time, which you can spend with your kids instead! Safe travels!

ZOE XL1 Mountain Buggy Nano GB Qbit
Carry-On Bag Carry-On Bag 24 x 15.5 x 7 20 x 22.2 x 12 21 x 13 x 19.3
Airline Size Restrictions Weight Restrictions Stroller Technically Allowed As Carry-On Bag?
Aer Lingus 21 x 15 x 9 22 lbs. NO NO NO
AeroMexico 22 x 14 x 9 22 lbs. NO NO NO
Air Canada 21.5 x 15.5 x 9 22 lbs. NO NO NO
Air France 21.5 x 13.5 x 9 22 lbs. NO NO NO
Air New Zealand 46 total linear 15 lbs. NO NO NO
AirTran Airways 24 x 16 x 10 YES NO NO
Alaska Airlines 24 x 17 x 10 YES NO NO
Alitalia 21.5 x 13.5 x 9 17 lbs. NO NO NO
All Nippon Airways 22 x 16 x 10 22 lbs. NO NO NO
American Airlines 22 x 14 x 9 NO NO NO
British Airways 22 x 18 x 10 51 lbs. NO NO NO
Cathay Pacific 22 x 14 x 9 15 lbs. NO NO NO
Delta Airlines 22 x 14 x 9 NO NO NO
El Al 22 x 18 x 10 17 lbs. NO NO NO
Frontier Airlines 24 x 16 x 10 35 lbs. YES NO NO
Hawaiian Airlines 22 x 14 x 9 25 lbs. NO NO NO
IATA 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 NO NO NO
Icelandair 21.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 NO NO NO
Japan Airlines 22 x 16 x 10 22 lbs. NO NO NO
JetBlue Airways 24 x 16 x 10 YES NO NO
KLM 21.5 x 13.5 x 10 26 lbs. NO NO NO
Korean Air 21.4 x 16 x 7.5 26 lbs. NO NO NO
Lufthansa 22 x 16 x 9 17 lbs. NO NO NO
Philippine Airlines 45 total linear 15 lbs. NO NO NO
Qantas Airways 45 total linear 15 lbs. NO NO NO
Saudi Arabian Airlines 22 x 18 x 10 16 lbs. NO NO NO
Scandinavian Airlines 22 x 16 x 9 17 lbs. NO NO NO
Singapore Airlines 45 total linear 15 lbs. NO NO NO
SkyWest Airlines 22 x 14 x 9 NO NO NO
Southwest Airlines 24 x 16 x 10 YES NO NO
Spirit Airlines 22 x 18 x 10 NO NO NO
Sun Country Airlines 22 x 14 x 9 35 lbs. NO NO NO
Thai Airways 22 x 18 x 10 15 lbs. NO NO NO
United Airlines 22 x 14 x 9 NO NO NO
US Airways 22 x 14 x 9 40 lbs. NO NO NO
Virgin America 24 x 16 x 10 YES NO NO
Virgin Atlantic 22 x 14 x 9 13 lbs. NO NO NO

Here’s a cleaner picture version that you can hopefully see good on your phone:


Update: I also just found the BabyZen YoYo. It actually does truly fit on some airplanes as well. Looks like a cool stroller, but has like zero features compared to the ZOE and is WAY overpriced in my opinion. Just my thoughts.


Supreme Patty’s Net Worth & Instagram Earnings 2018


How much is Supreme Patty’s Net Worth?

We estimate his net worth to be around $4 Million as of mid-2018.

Instagram Earnings, Income & Salary

We estimate Supreme Patty’s Instagram and endorsement earnings at $2 million in 2017 and as much as $3 million throughout 2018.


Supreme Patty is a famous Instagram
Star known for crazy stunts, pranks, hilarious videos, lots of weed smoking, and a really awesome tender heart!

Much to many first time viewers surprise, Patty is actually a 19 year old boy with the biological name Patrick Wallace, from Daytona, despite his instagram handle!

A quick look at his profile will have you laughing out loud or thinking he’s an obnoxious idiot depending on your flavor of comedy and entertainment! I personally thought most of the posts were hilarious in a high school humor kind of way.

There’s also a compassionate side of Supreme Patty though, especially now that he’s instafamous! He leaves bags of cash in random places for fans to find, he bought his mom a new car, and we even watched him give a Taco Bell employee $2,000 to quit! Haha.

Phil Spencer Net Worth, Microsoft Salary & Income 2018


Phil Spencer is the head of gaming at Microsoft, notably in charge of the Xbox.

He recently made some huge announcements for a new $10/mo future set up if Xbox consoles coming soon.

Phil Spencer has an estimated net worth of $7 million and an 2018-2018 salary of $1.4 million.

Top 12 Most Popular Preppy Baby Girl Names of 2018


Many people love to find unique and different names. Sometimes you might even want a different name that is still unique but offers a higher level of prestige and popularity. If this is what you are looking for then it is necessary for you to check out these twelve pretty baby girl names that are going to be the biggest hits in 2015.

Also make sure to check out all of the fantastic photographers featured on each page. There’s a link below each picture!

1. Brighley

Brighley is a very new name. This does not make it unique or different though. It is actually a name that comes from classic name influences which makes it one of the top choices as a name. In fact many people find that this is one of the best choices for their daughters because it sounds strong and pretty at the same time.

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All Available ZOE Strollers Coupon Codes, Discounts, Sales & Promotions in 2018!


Ok so you’re interested in a ZOE Stroller are you? Awesome! ZOE is a fantastic company with really great products and probably even better customer service. You’re really making a great decision in our opinion and we’ve tested A LOT of strollers!

So the next logical question is of course how to buy one as cheap as possible right!? So we’ve set up this page to help gather and publish any and all discounts, sales, promo/discount codes, etc. for ZOE Strollers. They VERY rarely go on sale and from time to time will have a discount code for $5-10 off on their website. Usually their products are sold exclusively by them directly on their website or amazon. This is actually how they’re able to sell their strollers for so much less than they should be! By selling direct to you and not to a retailer that then marks the product up and sells to you. So you’re getting a good deal regardless even if you pay full price, believe us. The value is off the charts.

So here are the current sales and codes that may or may not work:

  • Save 20% on Your Entire Order – Code: zs030518yf
  • 20% off for you and a Friend on Entire Order – Code: h7nsy18gz
  • Save 20% on Your Entire Order – Code: zm37k8lst
  • XL1 and XL2 SPORT on sale at $99.99 and $199.99 for product launch and introduction – Expired
  • Use code “z12161” for $5 off your first order on their website – May still be valid

Visit ZOE’s Website: http://www.ZoeStrollers.com

Top 10 Best Baby Walkers of 2018: The Definitive Buying Guide!


Baby walkers are such a fun and exciting way to keep your baby entertained! Yes, there are mixed opinions on whether they are safe and good for development, mostly based on how often and how long in terms of duration you use the walker. In this article we’re going to assume that you are pro-baby walker. The purpose of this list is to review and help you understand the different specs and features you should look for when buying a baby walker and then we’ll show you the options we deem as the Top 10 according to this buying guide and criteria!

[wp_ad_camp_2]Here are the most important features and specs you should be considering and comparing when purchasing a baby walker:

Price Point:
Baby walkers start out as cheap as $30 and go
up as high as $130. This quite a wide range!

In general, when it comes to
walkers under $50, you get what you pay for. These walkers are typically more of a toy than a true baby walker. They’re usually made out of cheap plastic and are more of a walk-behind toy walker rather than a sit-inside walker. In this buying guide we’ve completely excluded this type of walker to focus on sit-inside walkers for the most part.

There are a ton of options when you get to the $50-100 price range. This is kind of the sweet spot in terms of price points when it comes to baby walkers. For the most part, you’ll see the same functionality on almost all of the walkers in this price point which we’ll discuss in more detail later in the list.

The most expensive, premium walkers are priced above $100 and stretch as high as $130. With these walkers, you pick up a little bit of quality in certain cases and maybe a cool brand like Ferrari. For the most part this price range is meant for people who understand they aren’t picking up any new features by spending more, but they are looking for a cool baby walker that will set itself apart from the crowd in regards to the design and brand.

Our favorite price range is $70-100. This is where you’ll get a very high quality baby walker with most, if not all of the most important features we’ll discuss below!

Entertainment Console:
The entertainment console on a baby walker is the typically the small electronics unit in the front of the walker with which your child will interact.

In general, you should have a mental checkbox: Does the baby walker have an entertainment console or not? Most baby walkers nowadays do have some sort entertainment console and most are electronic.

Next you would want to see if the entertainment console has lights, sounds, non-electronic clicks/noises, and/or vibration.

You’ll also want to know if the entertainment console is removable. If so, it can travel with your child in the stroller, car seat, or can be played with on the floor as a stand-alone toy. This also means in most cases that a snack tray is revealed on the walker once the entertainment console is removed!

Seat Fabric & Padding:
The seat fabric of a baby walker is often the most important feature that may be overlooked! It is the top feature that correlates to your babies comfort!

When researching the walker seat, you first want to see how soft or rigid the actual fabric material is and how your child’s skin will react. Some walkers have very plush, soft seat fabric whereas others are more rigid. There’s pros and cons to both, but most importantly you need to think about how a child with sensitive skin would react to a rigid seat. A plush, soft seat would definitely be better suited!

You also want to check to see how much padding is in the backrest of the seat. Most walkers have very little to no padding, but there are a few that have a bunch of padding which we definitely prefer!

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you know if the seat is removable and washable. Most walker seats are removable and even washable, but not all are machine washable. This is an important details that you’ll want to know!

Number of Height Adjustable Positions:
Most baby walkers come standard with 3 height adjustable positions.

The height adjustments allow you to lower the baby walker closer to the ground when your child is younger and shorter. Then, as your child grows you can adjust the walker to the higher settings so the walker still fits them correctly as they get taller.

This feature will extend the usage life of your walker and increase the chance of a proper fit for your child within the height and age range recommendations of the walker.

Most walkers have 3 adjustable positions, but some have none which really limits the use of the product. It’s definitely a feature you want to check out!

Baby walkers are big and bulky. We would put them in the same class as exersaucers in regards to how much room they take up. The good news is the most baby walkers are foldable!

If the walker is foldable, it will likely fold flat. Almost all walkers that fold have the same type of fold. But, some walker do not fold and this is a major thing you’ll want to know. If the walker doesn’t fold it means you’ll always have to find a significant amount of space to place or store the walker when not in use. It also means it’s almost impossible to travel with walker as it would just take up too much room in your car.

If the walker does fold, which most do, you’ll likely be able to stow it away when not in use and travel very easily with it. This should definitely be on your checklist of features!

Wheels are very important when it comes to baby walkers. They are the entire basis of the core functionality of your walker. Most walkers have standard size wheels. Very few have larger or smaller ones. Size is something you’ll want to compare though just to be sure.

The one feature you definitely want to check out when it comes to the wheels is how many of the wheels are fixed or locked versus rotatable. Some walkers have four rotating wheels whereas others have fixed back wheels. The difference in these two types of wheel setups is that the one with four rotating wheels can go in any direction (thing shopping carts at ikea) whereas the walkers with fixed back wheels can only go front or back at turning angles or straight, not completely sideways. There are pros and cons to each!

Anti-Skid Safety Pads:
These come standard on most if not all baby walkers sold in America. They are the rubber pads on the bottom of the walker. Some walkers have more or less of them and they can be bigger or smaller on certain walkers, but just make sure that the walker you’re looking to buy has them! They have a number of safety benefits such as helping to keep your baby walker from going over the edge of the top star or over other ledges. They are a must!

Size and Weight

Not All baby walkers are created equal in regards to size and weight. You’ll want to take this into account when choosing a walker. It can give you great perspective deciding factors like which walker has a bigger snack tray, more room in the seat, and other things that you may not have exact measurements to compare, but can use the overall size of each walker to compare these other smaller features to scale.


Ranked #10 – Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

If you are looking for a baby walker that looks like it is out of this world then you have got to check out the Joovy Spoon Baby Walker. This baby walker offers you a look that feels as though it is from the future. It is fun and funky enough to look modern and is from the popular Joovy brand. Parents who like to have the trendiest baby gear are going to go wild for this surprisingly affordable option. This walker comes in a number of fun colors as well which is great for you if you are looking for something different. The wide base also helps prevent little ones from having their fingers pinched.

Price Point:
The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker is priced at $84.99. This is a moderately priced walker that is going to give modern parents everything that they have been looking for. This is really one of the nicest walkers that you can find for the modern parents.

Entertainment Console:
The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker does not have an entertainment console. It does have a removable tray that you can easily pop out to clean though. This makes the Spoon great for offering your little one snacks or treats.

Seat Fabric and Padding:
One thing that you will instantly notice when you see this walker is its sleek all white design with a splash of color at the seat. The seat is easy to remove and completely machine washable. It is also well padded and made to offer your baby ergonomic comfort.

Number of Height Adjustable Positions:
There are three height adjustable positions offered with this walker. This allows the walker to grow with your baby. It also features a unique design that will make it last longer than some other walkers that are available on the market.

The Spoon has one of the most compact designs and folds nearly completely flat. This makes it very easy to store. It also does not have a full base but rather an open back base design that allows it to fold flatter than some others. I really appreciate this design for those who are living in a small space like an apartment.

The wheels on this walker are oversized which makes it easily maneuverable and something that baby can easily wheel around in. One thing is for sure, when your baby is cruising around in the Joovy Spoon they are going to have a great time. You will be able to tell because they are really going to be able to maneuver in ways that are not possible with many other walkers.

Anti-Skid Safety Pads:
In addition to featuring oversized wheels the walker has no slip stair pads that add safety elements that will make you feel comfortable when your little one is playing in it. I love the special features that make it easier for your little one to walk but also make it safer for them.

Size and Weight:
The Joovy Spoon is 27.7” x 25.5” x 18” when unfolded. If you fold the unit it becomes small enough to easily store. It weighs 12.3 lbs which makes storage a breeze. This is one of the lighter walkers so it is not hard to carry this one around.

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Top 10 Best Lightweight Double Strollers of 2018 for Disney World | Rated & Reviewed


If you’re headed to Disneyland or Disney World with more than one kid that will need to go into a stroller, you are probably wondering which stroller will be best for you! There’s nothing worse than being at Disney and having exhausted kids that don’t want to ride in the stroller when it’s time.

When considering which double baby stroller will be best for you, you need to think about how well your children will nap in the stroller how comfortable they will be, how larger the canopies, and one thing many parents forget to consider is how lightweight is the stroller and how easily will it be to fold it when it comes time to jump on one of the buses or monorails.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best lightweight side-by-side double strollers that we suggest you consider when trying to find the perfect one for Disney!

Zoe XL2
the stroller weighs only 16 pounds! That’s less than most lightweight single strollers way! So most double strollers that are this light weight completely lack most of the other features you would want when strolling your kids around Disney. That is not true with the Zoe XL to. The designers of the stroller or parents of four kids, two of which are twins, and have been to Disney many many times. The XL two has huge canopies, a deeper Klein, all kinds of included excess trees that come for free with the stroller including a belly bar, a parent cupholder, one child snack cup, to child drink holders, one travel sleeve, and just about everything else you will need! The stroller is ranked number one on our list for many reasons that we could talk about all day! The best part about Zoe strollers is that they have free return shipping! So if you’ve never seen the stroller in person or tried it, you can order one from Zoe and give it a try inside your home and if you don’t like it you just let Zoe know and they will send you a prepaid return label. That’s how confident they are in their products!

Baby jogger city mini double
you may also want to consider the baby jogger city miny double. You would want to consider the stroller if you have infants that will be riding in the stroller that are below six months of age, you need a stroller that has car seat compatibility, or you’re looking for one that is just a little bit bigger and heavier and full size.

UppaBaby G-Link
The uppababy G link is a new double stroller from uppababy that is basically the G-Luxe times two. From our experience the stroller is very heavy and cumbersome to fold just like other typical umbrella strollers, but it is high quality and feels very sturdy. Upper baby is one of those brands that is very popular and trendy so many people default to their products. This is one that you should at least consider.

Graco Fast Fold

The Graco fast fold is a inexpensive option.

ZOE XL2 Backpack Double Stroller Travel Bag


Who recently went on a trip to Disney in Florida. We currently have the Zoe XL2 double stroller which ended up being a great choice for Disney in so many ways, especially when we were in the airport on the way down there to Florida and also getting on and off of the bosses at Disney. We didn’t even realize it when we purchased the XL2 but it is one of the only double strollers that you can take completely to the gate at the airport as it only weighs 16 pounds and safely flies under the radar, no pun intended, when it comes to most airlines with their 20 pound upper weight limit for all items checked play inside at the gate which cannot be carry-ons and the actual overhead of the airplane itself.

So before our trip we started to do research on double stroller travel bags and then quickly realized that the Zoe XL2 has a corresponding travel bag with Zoe sells directly. The cool thing is that it’s an actual backpack travel bag, not just a regular one strap travel bag. It seems a little bit ridiculous to have a double stroller on your back has a backpack but it’s actually very very functional and worked out very well. With young twins we will do anything we can to have both hands free! It’s actually really cold is Zoe understands that as they have twins themselves, the founders that is.

So we went ahead and purchased the Zoe XL2 backpack travel bag for our double stroller and it worked out perfectly. And has a very nice rubber grip on the top of it, padded backpack straps, and plenty of room for the stroller inside. It’s also really awesome that you don’t even have to take off the wheels when putting the stroller and the backpack itself. The new V2 version of the travel back but also has zippers the zip all the way down so the entire Top of the backpack opens up making it super easy to put the stroller inside. If you’re thinking about getting Zoe XL 2 or the back pockets out for the XL2, we highly recommend it. You kept her stroller from getting super dirty in the underbelly of the airplane and it also made it super Duper convenient to travel with the Zoe Double stroller and even to walk into our hotel!